The PhD Computer Science programme is a 4-year programme that offers applicants the opportunity to graduate with a PhD in Computer Science upon successful completion. The programme is offered at the Department of Computer Science under the Faculty of Computing and Information Systems (FoCIS).

    On successful completion of this Programme, graduates will be able to gain:

    Knowledge and understanding:

    • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of and the ability to use advanced computing methods and techniques.
    • Explore complex computing problems and apply principles of computing and other relevant disciplines to identify solutions
    • Fashion out advanced computing-based solutions to meet a given set of computing requirements in the computer science.
    • Demonstrate understanding of professional responsibilities and make informed assessments grounded on accepted legal and ethical standards.


    • Acquire advanced knowledge of computer theories and computer systems
    • Carry out scholarly research to apply concepts of Computing to contemporary issues and publish in peer-reviewed journals, conferences and books in the computing discipline (s)
    • Analyse, select and develop complex solutions to meet standard computing requirements
    • Apply advanced methodologies and techniques in solving problems in computer systems.
    • Engage in critical peer review process of papers, software and proposals, and give positive advice for improvement and innovation.

    Values and attitudes:

    • Embrace technical challenges as an opportunity for personal development
    • Engage in continued learning, later in their career
    • Exploit both traditional and novel technological approaches
    • Assess alternative approaches and novel designs and implementations
    • Exhibit a professional and ethical approach to computing in the global environment
    • Acquire a technical goal and encourage and lead others in order to achieve it


    The primary goal of the PhD Computer Science is to grow research computer scientists with the ability to generate new knowledge. Additionally, the programme is designed to advance the theoretical and practical understanding in computer science, professional development of experienced computer scientists and professionals in the computer arena by extending their computer knowledge and equipping them with broad research and process computer skills, enabling them to make a key leadership contribution to their chosen fields.

    The minimum academic entry requirements for a PhD are:
    A postgraduate degree in a discipline directly relevant to the PhD programme or equivalent international qualifications. Preferably 2-year MSc or MPhil in Computer science programme is required. The applicant or potential students with a 2-year MSC/MPhil. or equivalent international qualifications. Applicants with inadequate courses in Computer science will be asked to take those deficient courses before being enrolled on the programme.

     Foreign Applicants

    All foreign qualifications will be referred to the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC) for determination of equivalences and eligibility for admission.


    Graduates of the PhD programme will acquire the necessary skills to be able to work in:

    Academic positions where they teach, research and lead the development of Computer Science and related programmes
    Private industry and the public sector which require high level computer scientists as the leaders in applied innovation.
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