About the Faculty

The Faculty of Computing and Information Systems (FoCIS) was established to deliver high-quality education, scholarship and research designed to equip students with the comprehensive knowledge, skills and hands-on experience that will prepare them for a successful career in their field of Information Communication Technology and systems, computer science, and pervasive computing systems.


The mission is to provide excellent and innovative research and education, entrepreneurship, and professional leadership in computing and information sciences, including in interdisciplinary areas that benefit the university, state, nation and the world.


The vision is to be among the nation’s premier research and teaching programs in Computing and Informatics, with leadership and recognition in identified focus areas in first-class pedagogical environment.


The faculty shall foster a broad and interdisciplinary view of computing and informatics to lead the nation in creating a new innovation to solve real human problems in areas such as healthcare, education, poverty, security, and the environment in a welcoming environment, a diverse faculty and student body.


Faculty Objectives

FOCIS aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To keep pace with academic advances in international universities in the field of computation and informatics.
  2. To increase learners’ experience by enabling them to solve academic and practical problems in their areas of specialization.
  3. To enable graduates to compete in the fields of computation and informatics.
  4. To support continuous development through partnerships with local and international companies.
  5. To connect programs through integrated courses designed and taught through advanced technology.
  6. To integrate academic programs by bridging the gap between theoretical advances and practical applications.
  7. To participate in offering consultation and training programs in the fields of computer science and Information Technology within community service programs.