The rapid growth in communications technology, the internet and mobile technologies has created a demand for graduates with broad technical skills, specifically in operational areas, systems design, broadcast engineering and networked media technology. This Diploma in Multimedia Technology programme is designed to equip students with the concepts and practices in design for print, image, video and sound manipulation, and multimedia authoring.

    A combination of these skills will enable graduates to keep pace with the fast advancement in the subject area, and secure rewarding careers that can be pursued almost anywhere in the world.
    Successful graduates will gain requisite skills for employment in industries such as Advertising agencies, Broadcast production, Digital Media Agencies, E-Commerce, Games companies, Social media, and Web design agency as Digital Project Planners, Sound designers, Video Editors, Visual designers and Website designers.

    The Diploma in Multimedia Technology is a 2-year programme offered at the Department of Mobile and Pervasive Computing under the Faculty of Computing and Information Systems (FoCIS). Upon successful completion of the programme, graduates shall be awarded Diploma Multimedia Technology.

    The programme is designed to enable successful graduates to able to:
    • Effectively analyze clients’ requirements, manage their expectations and ultimately deliver an excellent custom solution.
    • Apply and adapt knowledge to solve theoretical, technical and practical problems in innovation, problem formulation, analysis, specification, solution generation, evaluation, selection and reporting
    • Effectively use the latest tools, techniques and languages to design and develop interactive and functional multimedia products of high quality both technically and content-wise.
    • Critically apply creative thinking to create and critique compelling interactive media, through understanding and using theory and technology.
    • Solve real-world problems and utilize human-centered design principles to develop products that are fit for purpose.
    • Apply industry-standard codes of practice and conduct, including privacy and security protocols in their professional practices.
    • Demonstrate understanding and apply ethical, legal and moral principles in the development and use of computing system
    • Have a strong foundation in algorithmic thinking and multimedia technologies required for advanced studies and research in multimedia and web technologies

    The Diploma in Multimedia Technology aims to equip students with a diverse skill set essential for the multimedia industry. The programme blends technical training and theoretical instruction where students learn the principles and applications across various media formats.
    The programme helps students to adapt to changing technologies while ensuring competitiveness in a rapidly changing field of multimedia technology.

    SSSCE Candidates:

    Credit passes (A-D) in five(5) subjects comprising three(3) core subjects, English Language, Integrated Science, Mathematics, plus two relevant elective subjects. Social Studies cannot be used as a replacement for Integrated Science.

    WASSCE Candidates:

    Credit passes (A1-C6) in five(5) subjects comprising three(3) core subjects, English Language, Integrated Science, Mathematics, plus two relevant elective subjects. Social Studies cannot be used as a replacement for Integrated Science..

    GBCE Candidates:

    Holders must have at least three (3) credits (A-D) in GBCE core subjects: English Language, Business Mathematics and Integrated Science in addition to at least credits (A-D) in two (2) ABCE subjects such as Information Technology, Hardware and Networking and Information Systems or System Analysis and Design.

    Technical Schools Applicants

    Passes in three subjects: Mathematics, English language and Integrated Science, plus passes in Elective Mathematics and credits in any two electives.

    ‘O’/A ‘Level Applicants

    Holders must have five (5) credits at ‘O’ Level including English, Mathematics, plus THREE (3) ‘A’ Level passes in any subject;
    They must also have a pass in General Paper.

    MATURE Applicants:

    Applicants must be at least 25 years of age at the time of submitting the application and should have SSSC/WASSCE or GCE ‘O’ Level Certificate in five (5) subjects including English Language, Mathematics and a Science subject plus at least three (3) years work experience in an I.T related job.
    Applicants must pass a written examination;
    In addition, mature applicants must possess any acceptable documentary evidence such as Birth Certificates, Driving License, Voters’ ID card or National ID card which are at least five (5) years old after date of issue or by the date of seeking to enroll or date of gaining admission.

     Foreign Applicants

    All foreign qualifications will be referred to the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC) for determination of equivalences and eligibility for admission.


    Successful graduates will gain requisite skills for employment into public, private organisations and institutions or equipped for self-employment as:

    Digital Project Planners
    Sound designers
    Video Editors
    Visual designers
    Web Developers
    Website designers
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