Diploma In Cyber Security

The Diploma in Cyber Security is a 2-year programme offered at the Department of Computer Science under the Faculty of Computing and Information Systems (FoCIS). Upon successful completion of the programme, graduates shall be awarded Diploma in Cyber Security.

Aims of the Programme

The programme aims to produce graduates with the competencies skills and knowledge in cyber security capable of reacting to security threats, conducting security threat assessment, and designing, securing and protecting critical infrastructure/information systems to the high professional standards demanded by industry.

Objectives of the Programme

The programme is designed to enable successful graduates to able to:

  • Apply some relevant mathematics and engineering methods to computing;
  • Use computer programming within their technician expertise for problem solving;
  • Identify problems and implement solutions that meet realistic constraints;
  • Reflect on the ethical and social responsibilities required of a cyber-security technician;
  • Collaborate and function effectively in teamwork situations including multi-disciplinary team;
  • Function effectively in an industrial environment and apply learned skills to real-world problems;
  • Develop projects independently and collaborate or communicate effectively in teams;
  • Pursue bachelor level studies in cyber security or related programmes.


Admission Requirements


SSSCE Applicants

Credit passes (A-D) in three (3) core subjects, English Language, Mathematics and Integrated Science in addition to credit passes(A-D) in any three(3) elective subjects including Elective Mathematics.

WASSCE Applicants

Passes (A1-D7) in three (3) core subjects, English Language, Mathematics and Integrated Science in addition to passes (A1-D7) in any three (3) elective subjects including Elective Mathematics. Note that at least three (3) of the core or elective subjects should be credit passes (A1-C6).

GBCE/ABCE Applicants

At least three (3) credit passes (A-D) in GBCE core subjects: English Language, Mathematics and Integrated Science in addition to credit passes (A-D) in two (2) ABCE subjects such as Information Technology, Hardware and Networking and Information Systems or System Analysis and Design.

Technical Schools Applicants

Passes in three subjects: Mathematics, English language and Integrated Science, plus passes in Elective Mathematics and credits in any two electives.

‘O’/A ‘Level Applicants

  • FIVE (5) credits at O’ Level, including English, Additional Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry plus THREE (3) ‘A’ Level passes in Additional Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry
  • They must also have a pass in General Paper.

MATURE Applicants:

  • Applicants must be at least 25 years of age and at least three (3) years’ work experience in a related job
  • Applicants must pass a written examination and an interview
  • In addition, mature applicants must possess any acceptable documentary evidence such as birth certificates, voters’ ID card, National ID card that are at least five (5) years old after date of issue or at the time of seeking to enroll.

HND or Equivalent Applicants

Applicants must hold HND certificate or equivalent in Software Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical/Electronic Engineering or Mechanical Engineering from a recognised Tertiary Institution and express interest in the programme, may be considered for admission into the programme.

 2-Year Tertiary Diploma Applicants

Applicants with 2-year tertiary diploma or equivalent in Computer Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering or Mechanical Engineering with at least an FCGPA of 1.50-1.99(Pass) or 1.00-2.49(Pass) from accredited Tertiary Institution can apply.

 Foreign Applicants

All foreign qualifications in relevant fields will be referred to the Ghana Tertiary Education Commission (GTEC) for determination of equivalences and eligibility for admission.

 Employment Opportunities

Successful graduates will gain requisite skills for employment in public, private organisations and institutions including banks and Security Services such as military, National Security, customs, immigration, etc. Specific examples of career prospects include, but are not limited to:

  • Cyber Security Risk Analysts
  • Information Security Analyst
  • Vulnerability Assessor
  • Information Security Specialist
  • IT Auditor
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